Bristol Eastern, Bristol Central will get their turf fields

It has been a long time coming, but Bristol’s two public high schools will be getting their synthetic turf fields.
John Stavens, athletic coordinator at Bristol Eastern, posted messages on Twitter about the city Board of Finance vote that took place Tuesday night.
“Glad to see the various city leadership groups come together to move Bristol’s facilities forward,” Stavens tweeted on @BEHSAthletics. “It was a long journey to get here. Thanks Mr. Cassin, the Mayor, BOE Commissioners, the City Council and the BOF Commissioners for their support!”
Mr. Cassin is Chris Cassin, the city supervisor of athletics. The mayor is Ken Cockayne.
Listed on the Board of Finance agenda for the meeting was this: “Mayor’s Synthetic Field Operation Committee: Consideration of a bonding appropriation of $2,940,000.”
Attached to the agenda was a letter from Edward Swicklas, co-chair of the committee and city parks and recreation superintendent. The letter was addressed to Finance board chairwoman Cheryl Thibeault.
“At a meeting of the Mayor’s Synthetic Field Operation Committee, held on January 8, 2016, it was voted and approved to recommend building a synthetic turf field at Bristol Eastern High School ($1,350,000) and at Bristol Central High School ($1,590,000) and to forward this recommendation to the Board of Finance for your consideration,” Swicklas wrote in the letter.
Turf has long been a hot topic in the city. Bristol’s fields are considered to be overused, and turf can stand up to more punishment than regular grass and dirt. Stavens has been a big proponent of turf in town, along with many others in the community. It appears that turf will become a reality.