BOYS HOOP NOTES: City schools litter CIAC Division I basketball landscape

Sacred Heart has the best ranking of the four city boys teams in Division I.
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When you look at the CIAC Division I basketball tournament, one thing is apparent.

Four of the 21 teams that will qualify — and all do in Division I — will be from the Brass City. As of today, Sacred Heart (14-2) has the best ranking of those four teams at No. 6. Holy Cross (13-3) is eighth, Crosby is 18th and Kennedy is 21st.
Since all 21 teams in Division I qualify, seeds 12-21 will play what is essentially a play-in game. The games will be 12 vs. 21, 13 vs. 20, 14 vs. 19, 15 vs. 18 and 16 vs. 17. Those play-in games narrow the field from 21 to 16, and then the bracket looks like any Round of 16 you have seen.
As of now, Sacred Heart would play No. 11 Trinity Catholic and Holy Cross would get No. 9 Ridgefield. Despite having much different records, Crosby (9-6) and Kennedy (4-12) would have to deal with the “play-in” games. The Bulldogs would play No. 16 Norwich Free Academy and the Eagles would take on No. 12 Windsor.
With anywhere from two to six games left to play, those Division I rankings can certainly change. 
Here are the current rankings for all of the other area boys basketball teams (Remember, 40 percent to qualify for divisions II-V):
Division II
4. Bristol Central (14-3)
12. WCA (11-5)
Wilby (6-10)
Division III
9. St. Paul (10-6)
Wolcott (6-10)
Bristol Eastern (6-11)
Division IV
25. Kaynor Tech (7-9)
Division V
no area teams