Busy day in Bristol on Thursday

I was in Bristol on Thursday, so I figured I’d make the rounds at St. Paul, Bristol Eastern and Bristol Central.
At St. Paul, the boys soccer team, led by new head coach Joseph Abele, was at work. 

St. Paul boys soccer is looking to get back to the NVL and state tournaments under
new head coach Joseph Abele.

Abele will be trying to lead the Falcons back to the state tournament after Tony Leone guided them to a No. 9 seed in Class S. St. Paul was knocked out in the second round by No. 8 Somers.
Speaking of putting in work, the St. Paul football linemen were down in their corner of the Falcon athletic facility getting ready for the upcoming season.
Up on the hill past the softball field, veteran head coach Jude Kelly was working on pass plays such as the fade and the slant. Here’s one of those plays in action:

St. Paul quarterback Jake Lafferty lets it fly.

After St. Paul, it was off to Bristol Eastern to check out the turf project. I had to do some reading up this morning on turf projects to really get a sense of what was going on. The subgrading has been done at Eastern, and stone is being laid down. Here’s some of that work in progress:

A truck drives away at the Bristol Eastern turf project.

Of course, if I go to check out Bristol Eastern, I will also go to Bristol Central. It’s only fair, after all. Central is a little further along. Again, here’s where the light reading I did this morning helps. There appears to be a border installed around where the turf field would be. On the FieldTurf website (Turco Golf Inc. is responsible for the turf projects in Bristol, by the way), it says perimeter curbs are installed after field excavation and subgrading are finished.

The aforementioned “border” at the Bristol Central turf project,
which seems to be moving right along.

With the turf projects, I am trying to do some photo updates every few weeks, so stay tuned!

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