St. Paul girls soccer has potential for another great season in 2017

The 2016 season didn’t end the way the St. Paul girls soccer program wanted it to.
Then again, that’s pretty much the case for any team that falls short of the ultimate prize.
Still, the Falcons had a great season in 2016, and 2017 looks good as well.
Senior captains Alessandra Milardo and Alexa Morneault will be gone, along with Sydney Palma, Naomi Wells, Paulina Varela-Marin and Lyndsey Martin. Milardo has been the starting keeper, and that’s not easy to replace. There’s also the leadership that the seniors provided.

Catherine Ciampi (34), Carolyn Del Debbio (13), Addison Davis (33)
and Briana Senese (38) are slated to be back for St. Paul girls soccer in 2017.

Leading goal scorer Kendall Davis will be a senior, and running mate Julia Dess will be a junior. Briana Senese will be a threat in the middle as a senior, and Addison Davis is back as a junior to anchor the backline. 
Here are others that are slated to come back, by incoming class:
Seniors — Irene Rotondo, Mariana Cervantes
Juniors — Madison Bernier, Carolyn Del Debbio, Hannah Duffany, Emma Cretella, Hannah Reinhart, Catherine Ciampi, Isabella Griffin, Summer Prime
Sophomores — Celine Gambuzza, Emily Biscoglio

Those names are from the CIAC Tournament roster. That doesn’t include any freshmen that could come into school in the fall of 2017.